A tiny puppy lived in a junkyard in a broken bucket. But even there they spared a place for the animal.

A small puppy settled in a broken bucket, which he found at a construction site. For him, it was home. The kid came out of the bucket only when there was no one around.

In his « house » the poor thing ate, slept and hid from everyone. The puppy was discovered by volunteer Adeline, who lives in Astrakhan. She brought him food every day and regularly posted on social networks to find an owner for the puppy.

Our shelter was then completely full, even overcrowded, so we just had to follow the fate of the little pet and repost Adeline’s posts. It’s been a week since the volunteer found the puppy. And then one morning he was not there, and someone trampled on his shelter.

Adeline began to look for the puppy and eventually found him walled up in some incomprehensible building. It was not clear who the puppy didn’t please, but this subhuman didn’t spare cement and bricks, leaving only small holes for air. The volunteer accidentally heard a whine and, without thinking about the injuries, destroyed this crypt with her hands. We had no choice but to take the puppy to a shelter so that nothing else would happen to him.

The puppy has since grown into an adult dog. We didn’t manage to find her an owner when she was little.

Now it is a young and friendly dog ​​of medium size. She has a beautiful tail and is also smart.

The beauty really likes communication with people, she is sterilized. Loves boiled beets and carrots, cookies and sausages.

We hope that she will still find her home and a beloved owner.

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