A stray dog, which was completely covered in tar, was looking for salvation from at least someone

The story took place in Argentina. A lonely dog ​​roamed the area, which was completely covered in tar. Caring people who noticed the animal immediately turned to the police for help. They put the dog in a police car and took it to the veterinary clinic. Volunteers from an animal rescue organization immediately came there and immediately began to help the dog.

Volunteers worked for five hours without interruption to rid the pet of resin lumps.

None of them had ever encountered anything like this before. They have tried many different products to remove the tar from the animal, but the results have not been satisfactory. But the volunteers didn’t stop trying and were able to save the life of the unfortunate dog in trouble.

By the end of the day, some places on the animal’s body were cleared of tar. It turned out that gasoline copes well with the hardened resin. The rescued dog was named Peter.

Of course, the next day, the volunteers again began to peel the tar off the dog’s fur. There was still resin on her body, but she felt much better.

One of the dog’s saviors wrote on the website of the organization «Peter s getting better and happier every day».

Information about the rescue of the dog immediately spread throughout the country. Many people praised the volunteers and wished Peter happiness.

Of course, the dog still needs time to fully recover from the injury, but it is gradually recovering its strength.

Peter turned out to be a very friendly and affectionate dog.

“We know for sure that such a sweetheart will definitely find an owner, and we will help her with this,” the volunteers shared.

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