A stray dog ​​had chemical burns on its paws. It asked all passers-by for help.

In Krasnodar, a dog was found on one of the streets. It was very friendly and approached everyone. You would have thought that it wanted affection, but there was more affection in its eyes. It asked for help, but could not say. Its paws were injured and it needed to be rescued urgently.

It ended up in a shelter and they found out that it had chemical burns. Perhaps this is all because of the waste from the factory, which was located near the location of the dog. Doctors quickly thought out the treatment, and the paws were mostly saved.

After rehabilitation, the dog was sterilized. They also got rid of parasites with special means.

Volunteers were looking for a permanent home for it, but no one wanted to take it. So a cozy home for it was not found. But now it has a whole enterprise that it must protect. It was also provided with an aviary and food.

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