A small mat under the balcony and a bowl for food was a house for the dog.

There was a dog in the world…

A small mat under the window and a bowl of food is what serves as a home for a stray dog ​​named Liana. It is strange that in a large area with skyscrapers and many people, no one has allocated a corner for her.

An old woman fed Liana. This grandmother had a sensitive and kind heart. Thanks to her, Liana could survive in street conditions.

So she lived until the tragedy occurred. Liana was hit by a car. He did not even pay attention to the fact that a living creature was dying of pain on the pavement.

Liana was helped and she survived. Unfortunately, the dog was seriously injured. She underwent surgery on her limbs and inserted spokes. For a long time, Liana had a rehabilitation period. The poor thing is very hard, because the treatment is not over yet.

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