A small cub with frightened eyes swarmed under the car. It was impossible to leave it there.

Out of nowhere under the old car appeared a small dog, which looked like a soft plush toy. This car has been standing near the road for many years and before the animal was not there. The dog was saved by accident.

The girl, hurrying to work, turned in the direction of the car and saw under it a baby which was swarming there.

When she came closer, she realized that the puppy was confused, scared and cold. The girl photographed the dog, and it immediately spread on social networks.

The puppy had to be rescued urgently, because there was a roadway very close by, which is dangerous for any animal.

And the dog was lucky, because such coincidences are very rare, or maybe fate intervened. Around the same time, in the same city, a very unpleasant event happened in the same family — their beloved cat died. It was a grief for the owners, but they saw the picture of the puppy. They really liked the baby, so after only a few hours it was already settling in a new house.

It turned out that the dog has a very playful and sociable character, which captivates

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