A puppy that looks like a bear cub was sent to a shelter, and he became an Internet star.

On the Internet you can find many photos of our smaller brothers, who stand out from all for their non-standard appearance. These are mainly our four-legged friends — cats and dogs. You always look at such photos with affection. One thing is bad that not everyone sees this as a feature of the animal. We will tell you about such a case today.

One dog breeder had newborn puppies, a Pomeranian, and some of them were noticeably different in their size and thick coat. The man was sure that no one would want to buy such a puppy, so he sent him to a shelter .

I will say right away that this was a wrong opinion, since a loving mistress was quickly found for the dog. She was the owner of an art gallery in New York City, Katie Grayson. Gregory, as the dog is now called, has become the central attraction of the gallery. And it was thanks to Gregory that the number of clients doubled.

The woman created a personal Instagram account for her pet, where she posts his photo. Today, pictures of the animal are getting thousands of views. He even has his own fans.

In honor of the Gregory, his mistress organized a holiday for his pet. Photos of the celebration can also be seen on his page.

It turns out that the doggie unnecessary for its owner, was able to become famous on the Internet.

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