A poisonous but friendly cobra helped puppies who were thrown into a well by someone.

The puppies, who were two months old, found themselves in a well, where a dangerous and poisonous cobra became their neighbor. The snake was two meters long.

The guys who passed the well found the kids. They heard a plaintive squeak from the bottom of an abandoned well. It was clear that someone needed help.

Looking into the well, the young people saw two puppies with a cobra lying next to them. It scared the guys. However, the reptile was not going to do anything bad to puppies in trouble.

For two days the cobra watched the kids so that they did not approach dangerous places in the well.

Only when people came to the rescue, the snake left the puppies and crawled away. First, the rescuers took the puppies out of the well, and only after that did the cobra disappear.

It turns out that snakes can be kinder than people, especially those who threw puppies into a well. The guys who found the puppies took them for themselves. so now the kids have a home and good hosts.

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