A man found a kitten in a closed glass jar. He managed to get out the kitten.

The story that we want to tell you today happened in Chelyabinsk. It should never be forgotten that people should always be people. And this applies not only to their own kind, but also to our smaller brothers.

But, there are many evil and cruel people in the world. These words are confirmed by a specific case. Some subhuman rolled up a small kitten in a jar and threw it into the bushes.

Fortunately, at this time, Vladimir was walking nearby, who heard a plaintive meow and decided to find the incomprehensible source of sound. In the bushes, he found a jar in which he saw a small kitten. The man immediately freed the living creature and, without delay, took it to the vet.

The kitten looked sickly, didn’t see anything and didn’t yet know how to eat on its own. The man had to, in the literal sense of the word, nurse the kitten. First he fed it from a pipette, and then from a nipple.

After a while, the kitten opened its eyes and began to study everything around.

Besides it, an adult cat, Bagheera, lived in the apartment, with whom the kitten quickly became friends.

The cat received the nickname Sema and now feels great.

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