A look that conveys all the pain: the dog realized that it was vilely thrown.

A video appeared on the network that is impossible to watch without tears. An animal advocate shared a video of a pit bull coming to terms with the fact that it has been abandoned.

The owner has handed over to the shelter quite an adult dog named Elektra. Such cases are not rare, however, this one seemed extremely cruel to all animal lovers.

From the look of Elektra, you can understand all the pain that she experienced at that moment. At the beginning of the video, the dog happily listens to the shelter employee, sitting in the office. It would seem that nothing portends sadness. But apparently at the moment when the owner left, she realized that she had been abandoned.

We are sure that good people will not turn their backs on Elektra and will take her under their wing. And soon she will find a new family, and her eyes will again sparkle with devotion and joy.

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