A little panther, left without parents, made friends with a Rottweiler and learned to live in Siberia.

They say that miracles do not happen, but this story could refute this statement. It will talk about the Moon — a little panther who went through many hardships, but eventually found real friends and began to live happily.

Once upon a time, baby Luna looked like this:

She was left completely alone, because her mother abandoned her almost as soon as Moon was born. The little girl lived in a mobile zoo, the conditions there were not very good. One female zoologist heard about Moon and bought it back.

She specialized in large felines and decided to feed the baby on her own, to give it a better life .

Moon initially behaved like an ordinary domestic cat, because she did not live in nature at all.

The baby is so beautiful!

Moon grew up to be a mischievous girl, not bright with a special mind, but very lively and sweet.

Once she met a Rottweiler, to whom she showed incredible interest.

The conditions in which Moon lived at the beginning of her life had a very bad effect on her health: the baby lagged behind her fellows in development. But this led to the fact that she grew up less aggressive. That is why the friendly panther tried to make friends with the most ordinary dog. And everything turned out the way she wanted it!

What is that cold? I don’t understand.

Yes, we are from Siberia!

Now Moon lives perfectly happily. She is fed, washed and raised. The panther has the ability to play a lot. Rottweiler looks after her, he and Moon became real friends, spending a lot of time together. The owner cares very much about her pet and loves her sincerely. It’s hard to imagine a life better than this.

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