A little cat crawled along the roadway in the color of the road: she did not see anything.

This cute kitten might no longer be in this world. The girl just crawled along the road, and thanks to the color of the fur, she practically merged with the asphalt.

Fortunately, on the way the cat met people who not only noticed her, but also could not pass by. The kitty saw almost nothing, so when they picked her up, she was very scared. Feeling the warmth of the hands and affection from the person, the girl calmed down a little.

In the new house, the baby immediately felt what care is. The baby was bathed, fed and prepared for her own bed.

Unfortunately, the baby’s troubles didn’t end there. Doctors were unable to overcome the infection that developed in the eyes, while the cat was too weak to undergo surgery.

The cat was named Moly, she gradually grew and became stronger, changing her dark fur to a beautiful tortoiseshell color. When she grew up a little, she was sterilized and had an operation on her eyes, which, unfortunately, had to be removed.

The baby does not see the world around her, but she actively explores it with the help of loving touches, games with other animals, food that is always in her bowl, many smells and sounds around.

Moly lives in the family that saved her and feels truly loved and happy.

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