A homeless puppy looked into the girl’s eyes in the hope that she would give her food and take her to a warm place.

A girl named Maria jokingly calls her pet a chameleon. The thing is that when the dog was a puppy, its coat had a white-gray color, and three months later it acquired a white color with a slightly reddish tinge.

Maria remembers the day she met her future dog like it happened yesterday. The girl that day was walking near the local school, it was there that she saw a cute, but frightened and hungry puppy. The baby hasn’t yet grown strong enough, so it is not known what would be waiting for it on the street.

Then Maria decided that she would take the dog home. As soon as they were at home, the girl fed the puppy and it immediately fell asleep, curled up like a ball. Finally, the baby could sleep without fear that someone would offend it.

They named the dog Betty. Now Maria can no longer imagine how she could live without her pet! The dog has been living with Maria for one year and three months. It turned out that Betty was a half-breed Labrador. She is a very obedient and affectionate girl. Pet is strongly attached to the girl.

Maria doesn’t even want to think about what could have happened to the puppy if she had not taken her home. Most likely, everything would have ended sadly for the baby. But thanks to Maria, the dog has a happy life!

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