A healthy cat had tears flowing from its eyes. The owners brought her to give the «last» injection.

If any of you saw animals cry, then our story will not be able to leave you indifferent.

It was a normal working day, February 6th. A cat was brought to the veterinary clinic for euthanasia. The cat was absolutely healthy and was four years old.

When the veterinarian asked why they wanted to do this with the animal, the owners wrote it off as an allergy. And when the clinic staff refused to carry out this procedure, the owner simply left, leaving her pet in the clinic.

For a while, until new owners were found for the cat, one woman named Valentina took it for herself. The cat didn’t understand the situation. It didn’t know that it’s owners didn’t just abandon it, but wanted to euthanize it. Therefore, the cat was crying.

The cat was very longing for the people with whom it had lived before. From the outside, her behavior resembled human suffering due to the loss of a loved one.

The cat has a pretty name — Sheela. She bypasses dogs and does not get along with her own kind. As it became known, this was not the first betrayal on the part of the former owners. Once, they put her out on the street, telling everyone that she ran away from home. But everyone knew that the animal was terrified of the sound of the noisy street.

Sheela really needs loving masters. This is a very loyal and cute animal that needs a little time to survive the betrayal of the closest people.

Sheela must undergo compulsory sterilization so that it is never again used for selfish purposes.

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