A grimy kitten was sitting against a brick wall. Many regretted, but only one helped.

This photo went viral, it spread all over social networks. The grubby kitten, hunched over and lowering his head against the backdrop of a brick wall, aroused self-pity in everyone. His little white paws were covered with mud, so no one noticed that they were crushed. 

People felt sorry for the baby when they saw this picture. However, one pity in such a situation is not enough, real help was needed, and not just in words. And there was a girl who, having seen the photo, could not sit idly by. Lena came to the place where the kitten was and took him to the vet. It is not known what happened to the baby, but it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that he received medical assistance. 

For more than a week, the cat stayed in the hospital of the veterinary clinic, where every day his paws were processed and bandaged. He was very frightened and every day he was in great pain. He was afraid of doctors, but he had to be kept by three doctors to do all the necessary procedures.

Everyone then decided that the baby was wild and it would be difficult to socialize with him. Therefore, it was not clear what to do with him next, because he had to partially amputate his hind legs.

Soon the kitten was discharged, and he went to overexposure. Mars is there. They called him Mars, he behaved more calmly and allowed to do dressings.

Lena fell in love with the cat very much and no longer needed to think about what to do next with him.

Mars remained to live forever with his temporary guardian.

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