A goat with paralyzed legs has been given a wheelchair and can move on its own.

When Billy was three weeks old, he was rescued. The kid was born with paralyzed hind limbs. This fact meant that his fate was to get into the meat factory.

The photo captures the very moment when the goat manages to walk for the first time using a wheelchair that was designed specifically for him.

A goat named Billy was rescued when he was three weeks old. His hind legs were paralyzed, which meant that he was doomed to die at a very young age.

But one kind woman decided to save the goat and made a wheelchair for him, which made it possible for the animal to move around. The goat has grown from a little goat, he is now a year old, and he lives on a farm, spending his days with friends.

“Everyone loves Billy because he is very friendly and funny. He is a special goat who gives happiness and love to everyone.”

“He became a real star. Everyone falls in love with him at first sight. He surprises people. Bili loves communication and attention to herself. he loves all his friends and people and animals.”

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