A girl took a pit bull from a shelter, and he hugs her all the time in gratitude.

Kayla is a college student and volunteers at an animal shelter in Philadelphia. When the girl first saw a pit bull dog named Rag, she immediately felt the connection between them. The dog became for her not just a pet that needs to be walked.

“Volunteers found him on the street, all beaten up. There was no hair on the ears and tail, he was severely emaciated. And now I see him, and he calmly looks at me in response. That’s when I realized that I wanted to take him home right now.”

The student realized that she needed to act urgently, since 15 dogs had already been euthanized at the shelter.

“Sick and weak dogs, such as Rag, were euthanized. So something had to be done urgently. »

The next morning, Kayla went to the shelter, filled out all the paperwork, and took the dog home.

Two weeks after that, Kayla was doing her homework sitting on the couch, and Rag kept trying to cuddle and hug her new owner. A friend managed to capture this cute scene, she also published a picture on the social network. The photo immediately went viral.

And Kayla hopes that her picture with the dog will inspire others to adopt pets from the shelter.

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