A frightened retriever hid in a corner and covered his eyes with his paws when rescuers came for him.

For about a week, the volunteers failed to catch a golden retriever dog. They knew that the animal used to be a pet. But the owner mocked him, beat him and very rarely fed him.

For this reason, the dog had no trust in people. The emaciated animal did not even fall for the food that the volunteers tried to lure. They were already thinking of using a tranquilizer, but one group managed to catch the dog.

Adult men who every day see cruelty to animals and pets in a nightmarish state, this time could not hold back the tears. The dog just huddled in a corner and covered its eyes with its paws. Rescuers spent a lot of time and effort to get it.

The animal is now in a shelter. The Retriever has changed a lot, because now he has everything that he lacked before: care, love, good food and care.

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