A frightened kitten was looking for shelter from the rain at a car wash. The workers didn’t mind.

A small kitten ran into the car wash, hiding from the rain. The car washing staff immediately noticed the frightened expression on the face of the animal, which didn’t know where to run.

This story took place on the grounds of a New York car wash. The little kitten was noticed by one of the employees, who didn’t remain indifferent, but, first of all, fed the cat, and then called the local animal rescue center so that they would take her to them.

While the volunteers were coming, the cat climbed into the trunk of one of the cars and crawled under the towel. But when the cat saw Evelyn, that was the name of the employee of the center, she was very scared and did not want to leave her hiding place.

The girl tried in a calm voice to endear the animal to herself, and she succeeded. She was able to move the cat to her car. From the car wash, the cat went to the volunteer’s home to get the opportunity for proper care and recovery.

Now the cat is called Zora Rose. It took her only a few hours to master the territory, after which she began to actively behave and demand attention to herself.

Today the cat lives with Evelyn, who helps her to recover, get used to home life and, in general, to human society. Over time, they will find a permanent family for him.

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