A farmer from Belarus sheltered a baby bear and saved it from starvation.

A farmer named Nikolai lived quietly on the farm and did not plan to change his life in any way. However, one day a bear cub came to him. The man was frightened: even though the guest was just a baby, it was still a bear, which means it was dangerous.

Nikolai called everyone he could, trying to figure out what he should do. He was offered to return the bear cub to the forest or euthanize. The baby’s mother never showed up.

Most likely, the bear cub came to the settlement to find food for itself, because it was difficult for it to survive without its mother. Baby bear was lucky to stumble upon Nikolai, who was even ready to take risks: bears are animals from the Red Book, they cannot be kept on an ordinary farm. a man could be punished for his decision.

Nikolay, not without effort, obtained permission to keep the bear cub. The animal turned out to be a girl, not a boy, as the farmer had first assumed.

She does not go to the hands of strangers, she even scratches someone when they try to take her. However, she already feels at home on the farm. Nikolai even started building a special enclosure for her so that the she-bear could live comfortably.

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