A farmer from Belarus saved a bear cub and it stayed with him.

It happened in one of the villages of Belarus. Once a small bear appeared there: thin and hungry, it was looking for food in order to survive.

It was threatened with death, but it was noticed by a simple farmer named Nikolai. He decided to help the baby, save it and feed it.

Nikolai took the bear to his farm, gave it food and began to think about the best way to deal with the uninvited guest. Yet it was a wild animal.

There is a law according to which in such a situation the beast must be released into the forest or euthanized.

Nicholas was only satisfied with the option in which the bear would survive. For several days he, together with the huntsmen, searched for the mother bear, but never found anyone.

It was difficult, but in the end the man managed to get all the necessary documents that allowed the bear cub to live on the farm.

The baby, who, as it turned out, was a girl, was given the name Vanessa. Now she still lives with Nikolai. Carefree and happy.

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