A dog with a wounded paw wandered around the city, looking for its owners, who kicked it out.

The story takes place in Greece. There, the inhabitants of a small town noticed a large white dog that roamed the street. It was obvious that it was in a lot of pain. When the last strength of the animal ran out, it simply fell down near one house. The passers-by immediately rushed to it and called animal rescue volunteers.

When the volunteer arrived, she saw that the dog showed no signs of life. The woman tried to revive it, but the dog didn’t respond. Then she picked the dog up and carried it to the car.

The veterinarian, having examined the dog, said that his paw was seriously injured. later, the volunteers learned that the former owners simply kicked her out into the street. But the dog was trying to find his home and was constantly moving from one street to another. As a result, it was hit by a car, but it didn’t stop looking for its family.

The treatment helped the pet and soon it was completely healthy.

In the shelter, the dog made friends with all the animals, but soon the dog had to part with its friends.

After all, a family from the UK decided to take this snow-white handsome man.

So the dog found a new home, a loving family and a new friend of the Labrador breed.

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