A dog was taken away from a bad owner, and she kept looking at the wall.

We want to tell you a story about true friendship that can change your life. Volunteers took a dog named Angel from a cruel man who did not love her and beat her.

The dog had no trust in people and there is nothing surprising here. Therefore, all attempts by the shelter volunteers to please the pet were not successful. Then they decided to try a different approach and entrusted rehabilitation to another dog!

Then they went back to the man and bought a puppy about the same age as Angel. When the animals met, they were very happy to see each other. Shelter staff suggested that the dog and her new girlfriend are most likely siblings.

The dog began to transform before our eyes: all health problems disappeared, the coat began to grow, although before that it had fallen off from stress. And Angel stopped sitting, turning her back to the wall and avoiding communication with everyone.

Such dramatic changes brought results and Angel found a new home. Now she and her sister live with caring owners.

Sam knows the story of their new pet, so they decided that Angel should see his sister. And their joyful pictures serve as confirmation of this.

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