A deaf guy took a deaf dog from a shelter that no one took and taught him commands.

This story started 2 years ago. On the website of one of the American shelters, information appeared that they had a new injured — a male Labrador. The dog was in a terrible state, the volunteers found him and brought him to the shelter.

However, despite health problems, the dog had willpower and an iron character. He entered the fight for his own life. The dog is suffering from seizures. The staff of the shelter opened a fundraiser to collect the necessary amount for the treatment of this poor animal.

The baby is constantly on a drip. Soon they will take tests from him to make an accurate diagnosis, and then he will have to undergo treatment, the cost of the treatment course is $850. As it turned out, the dog suffered from parvovirus enteritis. Thanks to a huge craving for life, the animal survived, but lost its hearing.

Fate decreed in such a way that a guy named Nick saw the information about the deaf dog. Nick is also deaf, and has been since birth. He saw the information and realized that he must take this dog, as they are comrades in misfortune. When he came to the shelter, the dog immediately approached him and did not want to leave, but lay at Nick’s feet.

Now the deaf dog lives with Nick, who is also deaf. Using sign language, the guy trains the dog to perform various commands.

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