A cat came running to my site, who immediately fell in love with dogs and refused to leave.

I live in a village where a lot of snow falls every winter. Therefore, huge snowdrifts are not uncommon with us. Even more precisely, it is difficult to imagine our winters without snowdrifts. I find country life boring, so I got myself pets to make life more fun.

I don’t know why a red cat came to my site. The first thing I did was to ask the neighbors if anyone had lost a cat. It turned out that no one was missing.

Interesting is the fact that the dogs didn’t bark at this red naughty, they perceived him quite calmly, although I have excellent watchdogs.

Since I already have four cats, I could no longer take this one. I took the animal in my arms and carried it out the gate. as soon as I returned to the site, a surprise awaited me — the cat was standing right in front of me. He found a hole in the fence and managed to get to the site even before I got there. I realized that the cat was not going to leave.

I had to leave this robber at home. Moreover, he somehow won the trust of all dogs. They let him into their booths and allowed him to bask there. I decided that the meeting with this cat was destined. Who knows, maybe one day he will save me from death, because everything happens in life.

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