A 7-year-old girl noticed an unnecessary kitten on the street and did not pass by.

Every day, thousands of residents and tourists in Istanbul walked down the street without noticing that a sick kitten was sitting on the sidewalk.

Even those who saw the kitten were in no hurry to help him. Due to illness, the cat’s appearance was disfigured and people simply looked at him with disgust. It was immediately clear from the animal that he had a whole bunch of diseases.

Nobody wanted to look at an ugly animal, and even more so, to spend time and effort on curing it.

Only one person could not ignore the kitten – a seven-year-old girl.

She noticed the baby in the trash, but instead of being scared or disgusted, she felt sympathy and was determined to help.

Now the cat is alive, healthy, he has a house and a loving owner.

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