A 5-year-old girl asked the most unfortunate and unnecessary dog ​​from the shelter. I chose a friend with my hear.

Friends are not bought or sold, this is a well-known fact.

Today we want to tell you a heartbreaking story that touched us to the core.

Elin and her five-year-old daughter decided to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. But before that, the woman asked the girl what kind of dog she wanted. It turned out that she was not at all interested in the appearance, age and gender of the animal. She wanted to adopt the most miserable dog that had been in the shelter for a long time.

Elin was touched by the wisdom of her little daughter. She understood that it was easier for puppies and young dogs to find a new home than for adult dogs.

In the end, their choice settled on a large and aggressive dog, which was in the shelter for the fourth year. Nobody wanted to take him, because it was difficult with him.

Elin said that it was clear from the dog’s eyes that he had already lost all hope of finding loving owners. Five years have passed since then, and gratitude still shines in the eyes of their red-haired giant. According to her, this is the most obedient and affectionate dog in the world, whom they love very much.

There is nothing left of the angry and aggressive dog today. Now this is the most faithful and affectionate friend.

The girl listened to her heart and did not lose.

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