The dog was very scared, he closed his eyes like a child when the rescuers came for him.

It took almost a week for the rescuers to catch the golden retriever. Volunteers knew that the dog used to be domestic, but suffered from the aggressive attitude of its owner — the animal was beaten, deprived of water and food. The dog was finally disappointed in people, and in order to help her, the rescuers had to spend time.


Despite the hunger, the dog did not react to the food offered to him and did not approach the people. In desperation, the volunteers intended to resort to the help of a tranquilizer, but one day they managed to catch the animal — the dog was cornered and he had no way to retreat.

Although rescuers deal with abandoned and exhausted animals every day, the state of the retriever was such that many of them cried. Realizing that there was nowhere to retreat, the dog pressed himself into a corner and covered his eyes with his paws. It took a lot of effort just to pick up the dog from the street and take it to the doctor.

Time in the shelter has changed the dog beyond recognition. Now he not only has enough food, he is taken care of and loved, the animal gradually begins to trust people again.

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