21-year-old cat could not understand why the owner abandoned him and he cried.

If people betray each other, then their pets even more so. Nobody is immune from this.

The owner threw the 21-year-old cat out into the street like unnecessary old trash. Leo could not understand why the man with whom he had lived for so many years did this.

However, the cat did not stay long in the shelter – a kind woman took him to her. She learned Leo’s story on the shelter’s website and decided that she must make the rest of the cat’s days happy. So the woman came to the shelter and took the purr to her home.

The next day, the new mistress took Leo to a veterinary clinic, where he was examined and diagnosed with kidney failure, as well as a brain tumor. The veterinarian gave the cat long-term treatment.

However, the cat’s illnesses did not affect his activity: he played, slept and ate a lot. He also liked to walk on the beach.

The hostess does everything possible to make the cat happy for the rest of the time.

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