160 kilometers did not become an obstacle for the dog to return to his rescuers.

There was a story in Argentina about five years ago. The family took a dog from the street, waiting for puppies. The new pet was named Nelly.

The dog was exhausted, infected with parasites, so the new owners spent a lot of effort just to wash and cure her. Soon Nelly had puppies. When the kids grew up, they found new homes, and Nelly herself was sent to the couple’s relatives, who lived in another city. The couple who picked up the dog from the street were elderly, they were worried that they would not be able to care for the animal, so they found another home for him. 

The dog lived quite a bit with the new owners, one day it simply disappeared without a trace. Nelly was searched all over the city, but the search was in vain, because she ran back to those people who saved her from life on the street.

When the dog returned, it was hungry and had multiple wounds on its paws. An elderly couple fed the animal, washed it from road dirt and treated cuts. Exhausted by the road, Nelly slept for two days.

The spouses informed their relatives that the dog was found and this time they decided that they would not give it to anyone, but would take care of it until they had the strength to do so.

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