Without losing hope, the wounded dog came for help to people for the second time.

Without losing hope, the wounded dog came for help to people for the second time.

Jane lives in the village, and it is not uncommon for their area to see stray dogs. Presumably, it is the townspeople who bring annoying pets here, or maybe the dogs themselves go out to people, hoping to get at least some kind of food.

And when another puppy appeared in the village, the employees of the boiler house decided to feed him.

The dog was named Alice. She was very friendly, loved to play with children and did not bite. And yet, she always protected the locals from strangers and drunk people.

And so that the number of stray dogs does not increase in the village, Alice, when she reached adulthood, had a sterilization procedure.

Alice was known and loved by all the villagers.

In the cold season, the dog lived in the entrance of Jane’s house. She did not interfere with anyone, but rather, on the contrary, kept order.

So a year has passed. But one day Alice was bitten by dogs living in the neighboring area. But the dog didn’t hesitate. She found the strength in herself to get to Jane’s apartment and scratched at the door. The girl took the dog to the veterinarian, and took it to her home for the duration of the treatment. After recovery, Alice’s life went back to normal.

And a few months later, Jane was treating Alice’s injured paw. After this time, the girl decided to take the dog to her forever. Very soon, the new owner was able to see how Alice is a smart and obedient pet. With her exemplary behavior, she was able to surpass the girl’s pet dog to her friend. They still live together. But Alice still considers their yard hers.

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