Without eating himself, a homeless person feeds street kittens every day

Without eating himself, a homeless person feeds street kittens every day

People who sincerely love animals are always pure in heart, even if they find themselves in a difficult life situation. Thai resident Long Doom feeds stray cats every day and spends his last pennies buying them food. The man does not even have his own home, he spends the night on the territory of the station .

To be able to take care of his four-legged friends, the man sells fruits under the scorching sun every day .

There are days when trading doesn’t go at all and he get scanty earnings. On days like this, Long always buys food for the animals while he goes hungry. The reason for this behavior is as follows: the man does not have a single loved one, and he considers cats to be his family. As a true breadwinner, he took responsibility for the family.

One of the customers once saw the words “20 baht for limes — livelihood for yard cats” on fruit bags. The woman was touched by this man with a kind heart, and she told about him on social networks, published a compassionate post on her page .

People who love animals rushed to help the man. Some went to him for fruit, others brought money for food, and still others gave food .

Volunteers even organized a free trip to the hairdresser for this Thai virtue. He was cleaned up, and then Long Doom went to the market again to make money for his feline family.

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