With his last strength, a dog with a tumor on his muzzle entered the entrance and fell.

With his last strength, a dog with a tumor on his muzzle entered the entrance and fell.

In the middle of the night, a dog appeared in a high-rise building. Having hardly reached the second floor, he sat there, having completely exhausted his strength. The dog did not know where to go next, and even if it did, its paws would no longer move and its eyes would not see the road.

In the evening, having found the dog, the residents of the house called us and asked to find him a temporary stay. We went to take a picture of the dog in order to post a photo to search for owners or overexposure.

When we saw the dog live, we were horrified… There was a hematoma on the dog’s head, his eyes were swollen, and weakness did not allow the animal to simply move. Previously, the dog lived in the family, the collar spoke about this, but then he ended up on the street. How he ended up in such a state and how long he stayed on the street is unknown, and why his relatives once abandoned him…

The tenants of the house were more worried that the children might start touching the dog and become infected with some kind of disease than about the state of the animal itself. The dog was indeed sick, but not so sick that he could bypass him on the tenth road.

The dog had clearly been ill for a long time: extreme exhaustion indicated this. I did not understand how the former owners brought him to such exhaustion.

There was no time to look for the owners and ask them about what happened, the dog urgently needed medical help. We immediately took the dog and went to the clinic. We had no money to pay for the work of doctors, but there was a hope to collect at least a little from the donation boxes and pay for the services of the clinic.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be really a little collected from the boxes, a little more than 300 rubles. Someone may say that it was not worth picking up the dog or immediately taking it to be euthanized, but we did not consider this option.

This dog did not deserve such a fate, no one asked him if he wanted to die, it does not matter, in someone else’s porch or in a clinic.

The dog turned out to be very trusting and kind, he snuggled up to me in the car with such force that it was immediately clear that he wanted to live, he sees in us his last hope and tries not to miss it. It was immediately clear that the dog was very hungry and thirsty, he looked at us with such hope in his eyes when we just gave him water…

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