"Will you take another one? It's just three-legged": a woman came up to me.

«Will you take another one? It’s just three-legged»: a woman came up to me.

The dog in question was called Roland, he was hit by a car. Roland had an open fracture of one of his paws. Someone took the dog to the veterinarian, they put the needles there, which had to be removed after a while. The dog was back on the street. Instead of a month and a half, the needle remained in the paw for more than six months. The structure began to simply rot inside the dog, emitting a monstrous smell.

I ended up in Gnezdovo, not far from Smolensk, by pure chance. I had to pick up a Chinese Crested from the private sector, which was running around the area, but she was not the hero of this story at all.

When I was about to leave, the woman who cared for the Chinese Crested after it was left without owners asked if I could take another animal. Seeing my surprise, for some reason she clarified that the dog has only three paws. It was said as if having three legs made caring for a dog less troublesome. I decided to see what it was about.

If the dog had stayed where he lived, he would have simply rotted alive. Despite all my problems, I decided to try to help Roland.

The dog knows a number of commands, he is an excellent passenger in the car, however, the damaged paw prevents him from jumping into the seat. The dog is leash trained, knows what an entrance is and does not panic in the elevator. I concluded that she was taken out of the city and left on purpose.

I managed to find a veterinarian who installed the needles, in Smolensk such operations are performed by a few. The doctor insisted on an urgent operation, due to the fact that the needles remained in the paw for a long time, the paw must be amputated. Before Roland goes for an amputation, he needs to be treated for worms and fleas.

While the dog is located in my corridor, he constantly eats and, it seems, still cannot get enough. Roland is smart and calm, courageously endures constant pain in his paw. During examinations and other manipulations, the dog tolerates and allows people to do their work, only occasionally whining plaintively. The bone did not grow together, every movement causes Roland pain, but he does not complain, courageously enduring all the hardships and believing in better.

The dog is kind, and most importantly, very patient. He does not resist during doctor’s appointments and endures all procedures, only occasionally whining plaintively. Every day he suffers severe pain, because his paw has not grown together.

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