"Will you give me back now?" The naughty puppy, taken from the shelter, looked at the owners with guilty eyes and waited for punishment.

«Will you give me back now?» The naughty puppy, taken from the shelter, looked at the owners with guilty eyes and waited for punishment.

Candy has been living in a shelter for a whole month, and by dog ​​standards, this is a very long time. And this life could not be called good. And all due to the fact that for some reason other dogs disliked Candy and as soon as they had the opportunity, they tried to bark at him and even bite him. Volunteers, realizing this, settled Candy in a separate small enclosure.

It is clear that such conditions did not contribute to the good upbringing of Candy. And yes, it was practically non-existent. This shortcoming was compensated by Candy’s love for people, and he was also very affectionate.

The volunteers believed that he needed a little work out and then he would be the perfect dog.

Maybe it was a slight exaggeration on their part. However, Candy really grasped everything on the fly. Of course, they took him away not for this, but for his affectionate and slightly sad look. His future owners, Rita and Kirill, could not resist and within a few minutes they were filling out documents to pick up Candy.

In the yard they have already prepared everything. They made a warm booth in which they laid hay, put two bowls next to it — with food and water, which was a great happiness for Candy.

Ken went into the house and left his sneakers on the doorstep. It is not clear why Candy liked them at all, but for some reason he decided to show all his joy on them. He dragged one sneaker into the garden and dripped next to the tomatoes. And the second tore into small pieces — it is not clear where so much strength came from a small dog!

Ken went outside and, not seeing the sneakers, was a little surprised. But the culprit of the loss did not have to look long. Candy himself almost on his stomach began to crawl to the new owner and at the same time he had the most guilty eyes in the world.

“I know it’s my fault,” the dog seemed to say. “You can scold me, even hit me, just don’t send me back to the shelter.”

It was simply impossible to swear at this cute muzzle. Ken had to go on business. Putting on other sneakers, he went to the car. And when he got into it, Candy crawled straight to the door with lowered ears. He thought that the owner would definitely take him back to the shelter!

The whole evening and the next morning, Candy still could not believe in his happiness: they don’t left him, and also fed him! It wasn’t until dinner time that he believed that they weren’t going to get rid of him. Then he again ran after Ken and Rue, but already cheerful. And one more thing, he didn’t touch the shoes anymore.

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