When the guy returned from work, he was not met by a cat, as usual.

When the guy returned from work, he was not met by a cat, as usual.

Neil is the only child in the family. The guy is modest and hardworking, so for 25 years his parents gave him an apartment. The gift was that his parents made a down payment on a mortgage, which allowed him to start living on his own. working as a programmer, Neil communicates little with people, he has only a few friends, but he is comfortable with them.

Having moved to his apartment, Neil decided to get a cat. He took an unusual pet — the kitten’s front paws were deformed. when a defective baby was born to a cat, the owners wanted to euthanize him, but Neil took pity on the baby and took him away. The guy gave the kitten the nickname Handsome, but they quickly got along. Every day, the guy hurried home to his pet, and he, barely hearing his steps, ran out into the corridor to meet the owner.

After some time, a new employee got a job in Neil’s company. Sympathy quickly arose between young people and relationships began. Piper didn’t waste time and after a month of meetings she moved to live with Neil. The girl did not have a relationship with the cat, she almost immediately began to ask the guy to give Handsome to a shelter. Neil did not agree, because they had a strong friendship with the cat and he did not want to betray his pet.

Despite all of Neil’s arguments, Piper continued to insist that a cat’s place is in a shelter. She believed that the defect in the paws of a cat is very conspicuous and scares the guests who come to their house. Neil insisted that the cat stay, even though he was the eternal cause of contention between him and his girlfriend.

Neil’s parents were unhappy with his choice of a girl. Already at the first meeting with them, Piper behaved very impudently, so they asked her son to wait a little with the legitimization of their relationship.

The fact that Piper is unlikely to become his wife, Neil realized when he met the girl’s parents. Seeing Handsome, Piper’s father began to laugh out loud and even called the cat a freak. Neil stood up for his pet, but this did not stop the flow of malicious jokes against the cat from Piper and her parents. The girl’s father and mother all evening not only laughed at Handsome, but also constantly insisted that the cat should be given to a shelter, or better to be euthanized altogether.

The next day, after a family dinner, Neil returned home, but when he opened the door he did not see Handsome waiting for him in the corridor. Asking Piper where the cat was, he found out that she took him to the veterinary clinic and left him there.

Neil immediately rushed to go around all the clinics in the area. The search took 5 hours, but he still managed to find Handsome and brought him home. Entering the apartment with a cat in his arms, the guy showed Piper to the door and demanded that neither her nor her things be in his apartment the next day.

Piper silently got ready and left the next day. The girl believed that Neil offended her, because the cat turned out to be more important for him than their relationship. Neil and Handsome returned to their former life together, the cat still meets the owner from work, and he loves him for his devotion and does not pay attention to physical defects.

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