When the dog saw his owner again, he didn't stop crying.

When the dog saw his owner again, he didn’t stop crying.

The woman was fired from her job, she could no longer pay the rent of the house. She barely had enough savings to buy the cheapest products, but even in this situation, she first of all bought food for the dog, and only then for herself. The woman tried to get a new job, but while she went to interviews, she had no one to leave the dog with. Friends came to help, but she could not rely only on their kindness. The only solution was to send the dog to a shelter for a while, and as soon as work and housing were found, take it back. In the shelter, the dog will be provided with both housing and care.

Parting with her beloved dog was very difficult, but the woman convinced herself that it would be better for the animal in the first place, and also that she would quickly be able to take her pet back. The woman did everything in her power to get the dog as soon as possible, but the job and the house  appeared only three months later.

As soon as she received the keys to her apartment, the woman rushed to the shelter for her dog.

It took the animal a fraction of a second to recognize its beloved mistress. As soon as the dog saw the woman, the dog began to whine, and the girl, running up to the aviary, began to cry. As soon as the shelter staff opened the aviary with the dog, they witnessed a storm of joy from the meeting, which was expressed by both the dog and its owner.

The woman hugged her pet and told him that she had a job and a home again, so they would leave the shelter together. The dog was also glad to meet, listened attentively to the woman and wagged his tail, as if confirming that she had done everything right.

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