When the dog got old and he was thrown out like an old shoe.

When the dog got old and he was thrown out like an old shoe.

Bob became our ward just over a year ago. At first, he frightened the volunteers, because being a thoroughbred Caucasian, Bob has a rather large size and a very formidable appearance. Having got to know the dog better, you begin to understand that he is amazingly smart, contact and well-mannered.

In Bob, a former domestic dog is immediately guessed. For a long time he had a family that surrounded him with care and education, and we are sure that he gave them his love and devotion in return. In the end, people betrayed Bob’s trust, so he meets his old age not in the company of his beloved owners, but in a shelter.

It is difficult to imagine why people decided to betray and, after many years of service, sent Bob to an orphanage. We know nothing about him, neither about how he lived before, nor about how he ended up on the street. We do not even know the exact age of the dog. We have only guesses and assumptions based on his condition and our experience.

Bob is definitely aged and has health problems. Judging by how carefully he licks his paws, he is experiencing pain in the bones and joints. Trying to relieve the pain, the dog licks its paws to the meat, so the volunteers have to constantly treat them to prevent festering. A huge amount of wool makes any increase in temperature for Bob a serious test. Volunteers try to comb it as often as possible, but it is very difficult to provide proper care for such a dog in a shelter environment.

Bob is well-mannered, knows commands and walks well on a leash. It is difficult for him to find contact with other animals, obviously due to the fact that he was brought up as a guard, but he simply adores people, and especially children.

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