What a rich woman did to help an animal shelter.

What a rich woman did to help an animal shelter.

When in 2016 Loren was left alone at the age of 67, the lover of our smaller brothers decided to help poor animals. She owned a huge mansion in one very prestigious area, that is, the woman was rich. In addition, Loren has long been engaged in volunteer activities, helping in one of the local shelters. Usually shelters look rather depressing, even in countries with a high standard of living. They are cramped, crowded with pets, and it was in this that the woman volunteered.

Somehow Loren wanted not only to help with money and take part in the work of the shelter, she wanted to make an even more significant contribution. The woman sold her huge house for a tidy sum. She invested all the proceeds in the shelter, where she helped. A large new plot was bought for him, everything was equipped and furnished as the animals deserve. They also hired additional workers. Only Loren set one condition: she wanted to live in this shelter with the cats.

Of course, the owners of the orphanage allowed the kind woman to live in the orphanage. So Lenya moved to a shelter and still lives there in a trailer. In total, the shelter currently has 800 adult cats and 300 kittens. The woman, despite the fact that she has always lived in luxury and wealth, is not embarrassed by her modest habitation now.

Most importantly, she lives in harmony and feels happy. Of course, all cats are looking for owners, but those who managed to find a home are replaced by new residents, so the shelter will never be empty and Loren will never be lonely and unnecessary.

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