Went out for lunch and saw a cat's head sticking right out of the wall of the trash can.

Went out for lunch and saw a cat’s head sticking right out of the wall of the trash can.

In Australia, in the city of Dandenong, an incident once occurred. An employee of one of the city’s factories witnessed a frightening sight. She went out to dinner and saw something that frightened her very much. A cat’s head protruded right out of the dumpster.

The woman thought that cruel people had acted so brutally with the animal. She almost screamed in horror. However, when the woman came closer, she realized that the poor fellow was stuck himself. He stuck his muzzle into the hole located at the bottom of the tank, but could not pull it out. The hole was designed to drain the liquid. It turned out to be a dangerous trap for the baby.

Most likely the cat was looking for food in the dumpster, but just at that moment someone slammed the lid. However, the cat was very resourceful. In order to free himself, he decided to use the drainage pipe. Nevertheless, his idea did not work, the cat could not get out.

At first, the plant employee tried to save the animal on her own. However, she couldn’t do it without help. She called her colleagues and together they began to work on the release of the cat. Nevertheless, even with collective work, nothing came of them.

It became clear that it would be impossible to do without the participation of specialists. It was necessary to cut the metal to get the stuck cat out. An hour later, the baby was released. The kid was under a lot of stress. In addition to the fact that he sat in a trap for a long time, then for an hour a grinder buzzed over the animal. 

After the release, the baby was given the nickname Fire. He underwent antiparasitic treatment, the cat remained in the animal shelter. Now the baby needs a rehabilitation course. After it is completed, the cat will start looking for owners.

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