Well done Georgians, here’s how to deal with stray dogs.

Well done Georgians, here’s how to deal with stray dogs.

Georgia is an amazing country that never ceases to amaze me. The country is located in the very center of the Caucasus. It would seem that in some way the Georgian people lag behind modern trends, but this is not so. In this country, problems are sometimes solved faster and more intelligently than in developed countries.

The Georgian government has come up with a great idea on how to deal with stray dogs. In this country, animals will not be poisoned or killed. Money for their maintenance will be allocated from the budget.

All stray dogs in Georgia are subjected to a sterilization procedure. Also, they are vaccinated against the most common diseases, including rabies. A chip is introduced into the dog, in which all the data is located. Each animal belongs to a certain area of ​​the city.

After the above procedures, the dog is released. It is healthy and does not pose a danger to others. All dogs are also fed at the expense of the state.

In this country there are strict laws, it is unlikely that anyone will dare to offend animals, otherwise they may end up behind bars or go to public works.

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