We got 5 tiny sick puppies. They left one by one.

We got 5 tiny sick puppies. They left one by one.

We received a box containing 5 puppies. It was five tiny cubs, the cubs were suffering from a terrible diagnosis.

To put a catheter is an unrealistic task; in babies, veins are not visible at all. The cubs are extremely malnourished and refuse to eat. There is nothing left but to force feed and give injections to the withers.

One of them left almost immediately. I will never forget its look. A couple of days later, two more innocent cubs left this world. Vanessa did everything she could to save the lives of the cubs. Now there is only one baby left, it is in serious condition.

I have no words. If people do not worry about sterilizing animals and they start breeding uncontrollably, this will become a real disaster. Not just a misfortune, but a catastrophe.

Also, there is a feeling that they are brought to us in an extremely difficult condition, when nothing can be done to help. We hope that at least the last baby will survive.

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