We found a kitten that no longer has an eye.

We found a kitten that no longer has an eye.

We again found a kitten who lost its eye due to a common disease that is easy to treat at the initial stage. And also the reason for this was the indifference of people who simply passed by the sick animal.

How long the kitten lay on the ground in the rain is unknown. Later, someone moved it to the entrance, where it also spent a lot of time. They only brought it food, and so the baby was already dying.

We could not save the eyes, it came to us too late. But we can save its life.

A neighbor of one of our volunteers brought the baby already cold. It was the size of a palm.

The kitten was already almost on the rainbow, all the time lying on its side without moving. The kitten spent the night on heating pads and it is a miracle that It survived.

The volunteer pricked it with what she could. There are no 24-hour veterinary clinics in our city. In addition, such a poor thing is not the first with us. The kitten was found to have enough fleas to eat it.

However, in the morning the baby became warmer, began to eat independently and with appetite. For us, this was a small victory!

Now it is waiting for a long treatment. The kitten need to recover from the infection, gain weight. But the eyes cannot be restored. We still want to show it to an ophthalmologist in a neighboring town, but most likely there is no chance. We are going to go to the ophthalmologist next week, first the kitten needs to get a little stronger.

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