"We do not have the desire and patience to treat a dog": I heard this on the phone.

«We do not have the desire and patience to treat a dog»: I heard this on the phone.

I don’t know what happened, but neither strength nor money was found for Nat’s treatment.

The exhibition of homeless animals in winter helped us to accommodate some of our wards, however, two of them later returned.

Ken again ended up with us after he gnawed a corner of the wall in the new house, but we very quickly found him a new family.

Now they have returned Nat, who fell ill a little over a month ago. The new owners did not want to look for time and money for her treatment.

They settled Nat in an old booth in the new house, changing the bedding, but they didn’t begin to process it in front of the new tenant, although this should have been done. The dog began to itch, which no one paid attention to for more than a month, they were waiting for it to go away by itself.

When the itching did not go away, they decided that they did not need Nat. I got the puppy and took it to the vet right away. The doctor diagnosed flea dermatitis and suspected beriberi, but to confirm it, you need to wait for the test results.

Diseases are not fatal, but not the most pleasant. The puppy needs to be treated and it will take more than one day.

The owners told Nat to pick it up, it seems that they believe that after recovery he will again get to them, but they simply do not want any extra trouble.

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