We bought a new house. A week later, a domestic cat began to visit us.

We bought a new house. A week later, a domestic cat began to visit us.

For fifteen years we made plans to buy a country house and saved money for it. When we realized that we could already fulfill our dream, we began to select the most suitable options. As a result, we found the cottage that absolutely everyone liked and bought it.

Several months passed, we were sitting at the festive table and celebrating housewarming. The paperwork was completed, and now the house was completely ours. The previous owner moved abroad, leaving their contacts in case there are questions.

Questions arose for him, and in the near future. A cat in a collar, beautiful and sleek, began to come under our windows. It did not look like a homeless cat, it looked like a pet. We thought that the old owner probably forgot his cat. I even got angry at such irresponsibility. How can you leave a pet and not even warn us?

I called the former homeowner to see what we should do with the cat. As it turned out, this is not his kitty at all, but the neighbor’s «madam». The neighbor just often gave her delicious food, she got used to it and began to visit. Usually she came every day, but when she saw that new owners had appeared, she was afraid for a long time to approach. As a result, the desire to eat won, and the cat still looked out the window.

Now we feed her too, it is not difficult for us, but the cat is still afraid of us, so it comes infrequently.

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