Two twin kittens tried to find at least some scraps on the street.

Two twin kittens tried to find at least some scraps on the street.

The twin kittens were anxiously prowling the street in search of leftovers. The kids were very hungry, scared and weak. They stayed together all the time, never leaving each other.

Two lonely red kittens roamed the streets of Indianapolis, USA. The kids kept together all the time, afraid of everything around them. They were trying to find something to eat. Fortunately, they were noticed by kind people.

The girl took the little fluffies to an animal rescue organization, where they were warmly received. The kittens turned out to be brother and sister. They were both underweight and in poor health.

One of the volunteers took the kids to her for overexposure and began to restore their health. Despite all the trials that fell to them at such a young age, the kittens were grateful to their guardian. The girl took care of them and gave them medicine daily.

After a few days, the cubs became more active. They often asked for affection from their guardian, explored the house together and played. The girl turned out to be more energetic and courageous, she explored new places in the house without fear. But her brother did it gradually, following his sister.

The care of the volunteer quickly brought results. Soon the kids completely recovered and began to explore everything that surrounded them with might and main. The girl introduced the kittens to her cat, who also took care of them. They loved her too.

Soon they will start looking for a permanent home for the kittens. Employees of the organization do not want to separate the brother and sister, so they are looking for one owner.

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