Trying to find food among a pile of garbage, the dog lost his paw.

Trying to find food among a pile of garbage, the dog lost his paw.

All animals need help and care, especially those who live on the street. It is difficult for them to live in urban conditions. Small children should grow up with their mothers who can provide them with food and comfort.

A small puppy was found in a trash can. He was there alone. He was about one month old. He was first discovered by a rescuer, who at that moment was on his way to help another dog. He saw the puppy trying to climb onto the garbage, but he was missing one leg. Later it turned out that he had bites on his back. This kid needed help.

Despite the fact that he was still very young, he was already trying in every way to survive. The puppy was looking for food for himself so as not to die of hunger.

The rescuer put the puppy in a box he found in his car and took him with him. At home, he fed and washed him.

The next day, the lifeguard took the puppy to the vet. After examining his paw, the doctor suggested that the dog fell into a trap for foxes. After the examination, the baby received the necessary assistance.

The man took the puppy to him. They named him Chuck. They continue to give him injections that the doctor prescribed, and the baby has found his home.

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