Three puppies were handed out to good hands, and the mother-dog picked them up imperceptibly.

Three puppies were handed out to good hands, and the mother-dog picked them up imperceptibly.

A large tall dog with a low voice was called Mara. She guarded a private house, walking around the site during the day, and spending the nights on a chain. Every evening Mara went for a walk around the village with her hostess.

In the village the dog was well known and loved for its obedient character and meek disposition, so it was not difficult to find owners for the first puppies that appeared with Mary. New families for three kids were found as soon as they were born.

When the babies were one and a half months old, and they began to eat on their own, they were given to new owners. All three were given away in one evening while Mara was walking with the hostess. When the dog returned, he saw that the kennel was empty. Mara rushed around the yard in search of the kids, angrily looked at the owner, who remained at home and had to look after them. People did their best to calm the dog, but she did not pay attention either to their words or to the offered treats.

At night, Mara was heard rushing about on chains and whining plaintively, but closer to the morning the dog calmed down, so she, as usual, was let go for a walk around the yard.

When the owner went out into the yard at lunchtime, he saw Mara near the booth, she was lying near the booth and feeding her three babies…

The owner could not believe what he saw, because yesterday he personally discorded the puppies, and today they again lay at the will of their mother. The puppies turned out to be the same, they happily lay and sucked their mother, as if they had never left.

The owner began to call the people to whom he had given the puppies yesterday to understand what had happenedone of the new owners at that moment was just looking for the baby, the second had already searched everywhere and was going to call to tell about the loss, and the third only after talking with the owner of Mary realized that the puppy had disappeared.

The dog took her babies from other people’s yards so quietly that people did not notice anything.

This time the whole family went to return the puppies to their new owners, accompanied by Mary. During the nightly walk, the hostess with the dog stopped every day at three yards, so that Mara would make sure that everything was in order with her children. Only in this way the dog agreed to no longer go to other people’s yards and not take their children from them.

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