This cat could not live without its owner and was very sad when he left for work.

This cat could not live without its owner and was very sad when he left for work.

Police officer Andy Simmons saw a cat on the road while on patrol. The policeman saved the animal, and then decided not to endanger the cat’s life and took him to his home. The cat was very old, on the street he earned a dozen diseases, so in the new house, even with proper care, the animal did not live long. Andy managed to become very attached to the cat, so after his death he missed his pet very much.

Andy decided that a new animal would help alleviate his sadness, so he decided to get a cat. The man saw the post of the wife of one of his colleagues, who was trying to find owners for the cat. For a long time it was not possible to find a family for the animal, so the policeman decided to help. After a while, the cat was already in Andy’s house and actively settled in a new place. The man named his new pet Mercy.

Merci turned out to be a very active and playful cat, she quickly became attached to her owner and tried not to leave him a single step. According to Andy, Mercy’s behavior often reminds him of the behavior of a dog, because he did not expect such devotion from a cat. At home, a cat follows a man on his heels, and when he goes to work, he follows him with a sad look. Every day, Mercy’s separation got worse, so Simmons got permission from his superiors to bring the cat to work.

Mercy began to appear regularly at the police station. At first, many employees were against a pet at work, but over time they fell in love with Mercy and began to play with her with pleasure as soon as a few minutes free from the company fell out.

The cat quickly got used to the new place, she studied every corner of the site and even looked into the offices of her superiors. After each work estimate, Mercy and Andy head home with a sense of accomplishment.

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