They tied a dog to our gate with a note: "The dog is sick and needs to be put to sleep"

They tied a dog to our gate with a note: «The dog is sick and needs to be put to sleep»

In the morning I received a message that not only woke me up, but made me completely forget about the dream. A tiny toy-terrier dog was tied up at the gate of our shelter. There was a note with her.

The note stated that the dog was ill and needed to be euthanized. Also, they wrote that the dog is 15 years old. Why didn’t the owners put her to sleep? The answer to this question is not clear.

Of course, this dog has little chance of surviving. Nevertheless, it doesn’t fit in my head how such a tiny booger could be thrown in the cold at minus 20 degrees. It is cruel and inhuman. Probably, these people just relied on us. They probably think that we are psychics and see where someone was thrown and left.

Probably, such unfortunate comrades believe that in veterinary clinics we have huge discounts or even allow us to euthanize animals for free. I want to disappoint — it’s not. Recently, I can’t find adequate words to express my indignation at all. I only have emotions. I think only about how not to be touched by the mind.

Now I think what to do with this baby. Reopen the collection for treatment or follow the advice of these inadequate people who abandoned the baby in the cold. The girl Mira had already calmed down a little and came to her senses after what had happened. Yes, she is very blasphemous, even too much. There are two tumors on the abdomen, but they do not look like malignant ones. One of them looks like a blister. However, I am not a doctor and I could be wrong.

Yesterday we found out from local veterinarians whether this beauty is registered with anyone. It turned out not. It is necessary to go with her to the cancer center and make sure that the tumors are non-malignant. I’m just afraid then there won’t be enough funds for Alabai.

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