They saw an exhausted thoroughbred greyhound in the trash can: who did this to her.

They saw an exhausted thoroughbred greyhound in the trash can: who did this to her.

A thin, but obviously purebred dog that wandered around the garbage cans was noticed by locals in January.

In the village, no one had seen the greyhounds live before, so they wrote about her almost immediately in the local public, but, unfortunately, I didn’t see that post.

A few days later, the greyhound nailed to the canteen of a local kindergarten, its employees called Kate and asked to pick up the dog. Kate was not in the city, so she forwarded the request to me.

The cook promised to feed the dog, and in the meantime we went to pick it up.

The greyhound turned out to be terribly thin, all her hair was tangled.

Dog were obviously afraid of people, but at the same time she allowed herself to put on a collar and on a leash, fed with sweets, went to the car.

It was cold outside and the dog was shivering from the cold. It is not known how many days or weeks she spent on the street, eating only what she found in the garbage. In the car, she began to thaw like a greyhound in every sense of the word and even clung to me, either to keep warm, or as a thank you.

It was very painful for me to see a beautiful thoroughbred dog that was brought to such a terrible state, but worst of all was the despair that glided in her eyes. Until recently, I believed that she was lost and her owners would be found quickly.

We didn’t have a place for a dog, so I called all the volunteers I knew to find an overexposure for her. Nelly agreed to take care of the girl.

While waiting for Nelly, I examined the dog more closely and realized that she had not been lost, but thrown out into the street: the hair and claws had not been groomed for a long time, the mammary glands were swollen. It became clear that the dog had grown old and began to get sick, so the owners simply put it out at home.

Nastya took the dog and arranged it in a warm change house. She named the girl Bee and tried to find her former owners, but nothing came of it.

At first, Bee refused to go outside, looking outside only to quickly do her business. the dog preferred to stay warm, eat and sleep most of the day.

I have a special trepidation for older dogs. often they have lived all their lives next to a person whom they sincerely loved, and when they began to grow old and get sick, they experienced what a betrayal is and are forced to learn how to survive on the street. In the eyes of such dogs, there is almost always an expression of such longing and despair that, looking into them, one wants to cry.

Bee turned out to be quite elderly and with a whole bunch of diseases.

At first, Bee was actively fed and treated, and when she got stronger, she was sent to Moscow for an operation. The surgeons did a good job and Bee is gradually recovering.

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